The Wrath of Mool

This story begins on an alternate Earth. Actually she is the same planet we occupy right now except there was a catastrophe. Humans didn't actually blow themselves to smithereens but indirectly, we caused it. Of course we did.

Anyway, to give readers something of a starting place, the situation is explained on the cosmic level in the Prelude. Liken it to the Book of Genesis, if you will, as it's intended to give a sketchy explanation of How Things Came To Be. I find it actually quite believable...

If you are a pantsy kind of person however, you may want to just dive right in at Chapter 1 where, against all the rules, I murder Prophecy and things begin to go from bad to worse.

Good stuff!

Prelude: In The Beginning

Chapter 1: Death of Prophecy

Chapter 2: Massacre (part I)

Chapter 3: Massacre (part II)

Chapter 4: Flight (part I)

Chapter 5: Flight (part II)

Chapter 6: Desertion (part I)

Chapter 7: Desertion (part II)

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