I’ve Taken The Plunge

by Admin on October 1, 2017

This evening I held my breath and posted on Facebook that my site was now live.

What’s the worst that can happen? I’ll be laughed into next Tuesday, that’s what, but I have to put a different perspective on this. I’m taking another big breath (if I don’t stop I’m going to hyperventilate) and shrug my shoulders. It is what it is and I need feedback, good or bad, in order to improve and eventually, hopefully, get published.

So this is the first step. It’s a huge one but it’s done and now I can concentrate on writing!

Some people might recognize the beginnings of Wrath of Mool. That’s because I posted the beginning chapters of the first draft a number of years ago. Since then, I’ve edited quite a bit and rearranged the plot countless times.

The Wrath of Mool will be free right to the end. It is my prototype book and I’m putting it out there, warts and all, to get this writing thing going. Obviously I haven’t a clue, right? But I have to jump in and learn to swim. Or write. You get the picture.

So I’m hoping my two subscribers enjoy the site and the upcoming stories. Cheers!

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