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Whether what I write is good or not, I don't know. But I like to write so I do. I post it here and if you enjoy my stories, all well and good. I am happy.

An Exerpt...

Once upon a time I was called Gwen.

I think.

Or maybe it was Guenivere. Yes that was it. And I was somebody important, or at least as important as a woman can be in a world ruled by men.

I can't remember the details leading up to my demise but I know for certain that what they were accusing me of, I was innocent. It's the only part I remember clearly; me screaming my innocence.

It didn't matter of course. Men will be men. They don't listen now and they certainly didn't listen then. (Sorry guys but you know it's true.)

I was put into a convent. And let me tell you, I didn't go willingly. The sisters, in an attempt to bring me into the light of righteousness, starved me, beat me, badgered me, tried to over-work me, and generally were hell bent on driving me to an early grave.

But something happened.

One day my husband visited the convent and asked for me. The sisters were reluctant to bring me forth, but he was an important man. Now I study on it, I think he was the king because he had a wizard advisor with him. Anyway, they produced me and he took me away with him. I thought it was an intervention; a reprieve or even a rescue.

Wrong. He'd come for revenge. He'd come to take my life.

We traveled a country road away from the convent. It was a mere track through the woods really and by and by we came to a secluded glade. We dismounted our horses to rest and take some refreshment. I knelt by a small stream to dip up water in my hands.

I remember the sound of Arthur drawing his sword. Funny how just now I remembered his name...

Arthur drew his sword and I spun around, still on my knees. In my mind's eye I can still see its gleaming point driving towards my heart. I never had time to flinch or yell, or even to blink, but behind him I saw a swirl of movement; purple garments and a bright purple flash of light.

It was the wizard, of course. I can't remember his name but he almost never left Arthur's side and Arthur never made a move without consulting him extensively. I had been convinced for some time that the man had plotted my downfall. Now he was saving me?

As it turned out, no. I still died.

There wasn't much magic in the world at that time, not like there is now, but something magical happened at the moment of my death. I just didn't realize it at the time, preoccupied as I was with Excalibre driving towards me.

I felt the blade pierce my chest and slide burning into my heart. Stupidly, I looked at the shining metal, my eyes lifting to the golden hilt and the mail-gauntleted hand clasped around it. He'd worn mail to kill his wife. Was I that dangerous?

It was my last thought.

- Rachel Small

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